Principles of Design: KISS 2

Or another example is an e-commerce store that sells to other stores, where the display is really focused on products that the buyer (a store) is already familiar with. The design of this wholesale sterling silver jewelry shop is a great example. Art is limited to what is needed, all the elements are there because they are needed, and there is no confusion created by unnecessary displays. Buyers of the sterling silver jewelry are buying in bulk, and all they need is clear info on price, shipping, etc. You may even consider this site under-designed, but in most cases that would be preferable to the opposite – over-design, something that plagues many modern sites.

Where this begins to approach the grey area is within the touchy topic of aesthetics.

You don’t have to go too far in the design world to find a cranky design curmudgeon or narrow-minded milquetoast with nothing but contempt for anything that seems artistic. However, you’ll travel an even shorter distance to find example of designers who were consumed by their creative self-image.

There is plenty of room in the middle. As a designer, you had best make peace with the idea that you’re not really supposed to be an artist. Rembrandt was an artist; you make stuff that’s supposed to work, or make something work better.

The infancy of the Internet was largely limited by memory and bandwidth limitations, forcing designers to come up with some pretty amazing solutions. The first person who decided that a clicked link should change colors was a creative designer (well, they were probably a programmer, but the two are NOT mutually exclusive).

Now that we have a palette which is much more conducive to creativity, the bigger danger is allowing our flights of fancy to overcome our sober assessment of the actual purpose of the design. When in doubt: Keep It Simple, Stupid. There are many ways you can practices this idealology. From how you eat to what you wear and even what you choose to buy as presents. Quite obviously, nothing elaborate, and simple designs do not mean cheap – often just the opposite.

And always remember that in spite of what everyone tells you, nothing is more important than a good grasp of simplicity.

This really is one of the most important concepts that there are. It can be applied to your life in many ways in order to ensure that you keep control of what very little any of us can. Please remember that the more complicate that life gets, the more out of control it is. If you are wise, you will take a tip from me and try to get everything that you get yourself involved in as possible. We understand that it is impossible to entirely simplify your life to the point that most of us would like to but that doesn’t mean that I don’t give it my all every single chance I get to simplify it even more. I do this because I know that energy is not wasted. It is spent incredibly wisely because it is energy spent on myself….

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