Ugliest Websites Ever

A page dedicated to the wonderfully twisted world of mind-blowingly crappy web design. We’re talking about pages that work (as in, they actually load and display the content) but are so amazingly horrible to experience that you’ll be longing for the minimalist comfort of a 404 page.

If you have ever gone through the application for Social Security Disability benefits and be denied and then fought on because you had a valid case, these ugly sites might not faze you as much as they would other people. I say this from experience. I have just finished helping my mother apply for Social Security disability benefits and it was an ugly nightmare until we hired a Texas Social Security Disability lawyer. My mother was denied twice and we had gotten to the critical stage of having to prepare for an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. This was do or give up. But the Texas Social Security Disability lawyer my mother and I hired did his job really well making sure that all the necessary papers were filed in a timely manner as well as prepping my mother for her day before the Administrative Law Judge. We paid the lawyer a percentage of the Social Security Disability benefits my mother was awarded, but it was well worth it. I don’t think either my mother or I could have handled the appeals hearing without a Social Security Disability lawyer holding our hands.

Now you have been warned about these ugly websites, so hold onto your chair.
To me, this looks like the activities billboard from hell at a student union from hell at a community college from hell, but only if there was a very highly educated, motivated, and possibly mentally unstable student activist population (from hell).
Oh, you’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. You can hit Page Down about ten times and see more Ling. Links on top of links, bad weird graphics on top of more bad weird graphics…I’d like to say that it’s so bad that it’s good, but it’s not even good enough to be that bad (so to speak).
I checked and this was made with the “Yahoo Site Builder 2.6” which is actually a somewhat tasteful little program in the right hands. What really boggles my mind is the fact that every other page on this site (and there are many) are equally ugly in their own distinct little way…though even less about bridal wear, if you can imagine…
What you don’t get from the screenshot is the seizure-inducing flashing mid-90’s HTML effects. I wanted to be fair and assume that Mia hasn’t been active since then, but it seems that her brush with fame was only a couple of years ago. And honestly, this would be annoying for 1997.



The unendurable rainbow background moves, so you’ll have to visit to get the full effect. But there’s so much else to see while you’re there. Check out the “Second Life Ministries” page, and take heed of wisdom such as “Best viewed with IE, Forget all the other browsers and down with the Web 2.0 net police.”


I must highly recommend a trip over to, where you’ll see most if not all of the sites mentioned here. And they’re helpful enough to tell you exactly WHY these pages are even uglier than they look. If they destroy your vision (or other senses) you may need a Texas Social Security Disability lawyer to overcome the new handicap. I shouldn’t be so flippant, but you get the point Don’t let that happen to anyone looking at YOUR site.

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